Dads- This is for you.

Today, this blog is for dads. You’re the ones who always get the bad rap on cartoons, in kids’ books, and jokes. Sometimes it might seem that nothing you do is ever good enough.

Maybe you’re a Christian, maybe not. But the Bible  has a few things to say about fatherhood. From the beginning of time, God gave husbands/fathers an enormous job. He said the man is to be the head of the household, and love his wife as Christ loved the church. God gave you the role of leader and provider. And you are called to teach and train your children in the right ways, in love.

It’s a HUGE role. No one said it would be easy, or that you would do it perfectly. That’s ok!

But take a look at these statistics, and you will see why you are so vital to your family.


Children raised in a father-absent home are:

More likely to commit crime, abuse drugs/alcohol, drop out of school, be obese, suffer neglect/abuse, be mistreated, have behavioral problems, become a teen parent.

On the contrast, children with involved dads are less likely to have almost every bad outcome you can imagine. Your involvement and loving guidance is so crucial to them becoming a healthy, happy adult!

Father involvement is also good for fathers and mothers!

Fathers who are involved in their kids’ lives experience less depression, live longer, have increased self-esteem, have better physical and mental health, are more involved in their community, and are often moved to make wiser choices in many areas of their life.

Mothers with an involved father have a whole host of benefits they reap as well. So Moms, even if your kids’ dad is no longer with you, you are helping everyone involved when you allow him to be a part of your kids’ lives.

We realize every situation is unique, but take a moment to think about your important role.
You are so needed, and we believe in you!

There are no perfect parents. Just ones who keep rising to the task in humble love.


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Information taken from the National Fatherhood Initiative-