You just saw the positive sign come up on your home pregnancy test. Maybe you were elated. Or maybe your heart sank. “How did this happen? Will my partner support me? What will my parents say?”

We know this all can seem overwhelming, but try to take one step at a time. Our supportive team at Hands of Hope is here to walk alongside you as you determine if you truly are pregnant. We are your best first step.

Did You Receive a Positive Result?

A positive home pregnancy test can alert you to potential pregnancy. However, there is a chance for a false positive pregnancy test, and they can read positive in the days or hours following a miscarriage, which occur in about 20% of all pregnancies. Only an ultrasound read by a Medical Professional can confirm a viable pregnancy in the uterus.

Free Pregnancy Confirmation

We offer free pregnancy testing and confirmation ultrasound at our medical clinic. We can help you find answers during an exciting or confusing time. You are not alone. Schedule a free and confidential appointment with our team to discuss options and concerns, and receive confirmation.