Are you a parent wanting to know how to approach The Talk with your kids? It’s not too early or too late to begin teaching good principles.

Many parents are unsure how and when to discuss sex, pornography, safe touch, and puberty changes with their children. However, good information on these topics is critical in protecting them.
Teaching should start as early as possible on appropriate touch.

We make this easy for parents of children ages 4 years old-mid teens. Parents can check out several books to read with their children. These books teach them vital information in a safe way, and are presented in individual age-appropriate books. This isn’t intended as a “one and done” approach to The Talk, but can be very helpful.

We also recommend watching Pam Stenzel talks on YouTube, which is intended for 7th graders on up.

Books Available:

God’s Design for Sex series- Set of 4 age-increasing books by Stan and Brenna Jones.

God Made All of Me– by Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb (Topic: Appropriate touch)

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, Jr.– by Kristen A. Jenson

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures– by Kristen A. Jenson

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  • These FREE books can be checked out yearly.
  • Open the door of communication between your children and you, on these topics. Be the one they can ask their private questions to.
  • Be the 1st one to teach your children about these topics.
    Research shows that the first time kids hear this information is the most impactful.
  • Use age-appropriate information and your own judgment as you decide how to introduce/build on these topics. 
  • The safe, empowering, and protective information has been written or approved by professionals.
  • These books are from a faith-based perspective.

Please call 419-399-2447 to check these books out.



“They’re Great!”

“I feel like my kids and I are much better equipped for the future. Just excellent.”

“so good!!”

“I especially loved the book Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.”