she’s pregnant- what’s the next step?

An unplanned pregnancy can bring up many emotions. If you need some time on your own to process your thoughts, take a brief moment on your own. However, your partner is probably going through similar emotions. Listen and be considerate. She needs you, and you owe her your support.

The truth is, you are responsible for a tiny human now. You need to step up and accept responsibility, or support her in an adoption plan. You are a parent already if she is pregnant. An abortion won’t undo the past, takes the life of your child, and compounds trauma.

Free Pregnancy & parenting Support

Before you move forward with a pregnancy decision, you need to know if she even has a viable (healthy) pregnancy. Up to 20%+ of all pregnancies end in early miscarriage. Through ultrasound, we can confirm a viable pregnancy, verify a heartbeat, and estimate age. We can discuss your pregnancy options & resources. All services are no cost to you.

Once you have confirmed a viable pregnancy, we would love for you to come together for individualized pregnancy and parenting classes. If you plan to parent, you can gain confidence and support as you earn baby items & furniture. Texting classes are available too!

Unsure how to be a good dad? Start our Fatherhood classes. We can text them to you, or you can come in and get mentored through it. Fatherhood is special, and critical to your child. You can break bad cycles, but you need to learn how.

Contact us today for a free and confidential pregnancy consultation with your partner. 

You are needed and important. You can do this!