You may or may not feel ready to parent. Whatever the case, you are not alone in your pregnancy journey. We are here to walk with you.

 You may have some questions about how your life will change, and how you will manage.

Here’s some great news. We can help you navigate through each one and connect you with many resources.

Paulding County and the surrounding area is blessed with many helpful resources. We are happy to share these with you, and address your concerns.

Free Parenting Support

We offer free and flexible pregnancy and parenting resources and support. Come in for individual weekly classes for expectant parents and parents of small children. Learn about pregnancy, labor, preparing for baby, breastfeeding, parenting, and more.

Did you realize you can earn weekly diapers and baby supplies/furniture just by taking these small classes? Parents are often surprised at how much they can earn here. We also offer supplies to those who get into emergency situations and need formula, diapers, and other necessities.

Not sure you can commit to weekly classes? That’s OK. If it doesn’t work out every week, we understand. Just come in when you can. You can often call in and make same-day appointments for classes. We now also offer classes via texting!

The Choice is Yours

Before making your final pregnancy decision, you need to know how far along you are, and if you even have a viable pregnancy. We can provide these answers for you.

You can expect these steps at a pregnancy confirmation appointment:

  1. Intake Paperwork
  2. Pregnancy Test
  3. Pregnancy options, referrals, and available resources that may assist with various needs
  4. Ultrasound

Schedule a free, confidential appointment today to learn more. Let’s talk.