What a Pregnancy Test Can and Can’t Tell You

A positive pregnancy test can cause a flood of emotions.

Pregnancy tests were created to detect HCG- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

HCG is present when you become pregnant. It is a hormone produced by the placenta to help your uterus (or womb) become thicker to handle a growing baby. It also tells your body to stop menstruating.

The tests can show positive for days or weeks after a miscarriage, as it will still pick up lowering levels of the hormone. In around 20% or more of pregnancies, miscarriage will happen in the first few weeks.

What does a pregnancy test tell you?

  • · If HCG is detected in your urine

What does a pregnancy test NOT tell you?

  •  If implantation is in the correct spot- uterus
  •  If there is a heartbeat
  •  If the pregnancy is viable (healthy)
  •  How far along you area
  •  If the pregnancy is still progressing
  •  If you have experienced miscarriage


So what does this mean?

Ultrasound is your first step after receiving a positive pregnancy test, as this provides much more answers.

You’ll find a free and confidential pregnancy test, ultrasound, options, resources, and support with us.

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