Handling Stress

Have you ever had a glass of wine after a stressful day, and found yourself anxious again after the wine wore off? This is because the wine did not help you manage your pressures. It simply numbed you for a small time.

We all experience stress. We all have different ways of dealing with it. If you are pregnant, it is especially important to cope in a healthy manner.

Some coping measures hurt us in the long run, create addictions, and don’t actually deal with the stressors.

Unhealthy ways of dealing with stress:

Stress eating
Using drugs, alcohol, vaping, and smoking (These are especially harmful to your unborn baby)
Hurting someone or something

*If you are pregnant and struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, your OB doctor needs to know.

what are some measures that calm us, help us cope, and are healthy?

Talking to a trusted confidante
Guided breathing/imagery
Practicing mindfulness daily (being “in the moment”, seeing beauty in our circumstances, focusing on positive things, being forgiving, thankful, and choosing kindness)
Progressive muscle relaxation
Dealing with past wounds or trauma
Listening to relaxing music
Taking breaks from social media and screens
Making time for hobbies
Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet with low caffeine intake
Taking a shower

For those who feel unable to cope with their stress, a doctor or counselor may be needed.

You got this!