Our clinic offers Earn While You Learn classes to help you in life challenges, pregnancy, and parenting. These classes are available to anyone. However, expectant parents, and parents of 3-year-olds and younger earn items from our baby boutique with each class. We have a huge selection of baby items you can earn, as well as food and personal care products.

Starting out through the pregnancy series, you will learn all kinds of tips, understand what’s going on in your body at different stages, discover what’s safe and what’s not, and much more. As you get closer to delivery, you may want to take classes on breastfeeding, labor and delivery, what to expect after baby comes home, safe sleep, Shaken Baby Syndrome, SIDS, etc.

Once baby is here, you get a huge selection of parenting classes to choose from, as well as learning how to discipline and care for your child at different ages. We also offer classes on healthy relationships, spiritual studies, life skills, finances, fatherhood/motherhood, co-parenting, etc.


You will earn items in our baby boutique every time, and you can also save up your earnings to get new baby furniture. Starting in later pregnancy, you also get 20 diapers with each class.

As well as baby supplies, you will get a support person to talk to about the challenges and joys you are going through. Classes are fun!


You will be ushered into our education room and offered water, hot drinks, and snacks to start off with. Your partner or a friend is encouraged to come too. We will then start a video on the topic.

After the video (lasting about 30 minutes or less), we will discuss the content of the video. If you want, we can end in prayer. Share your concerns and grow your confidence.

After your class, you can visit our baby boutique.

“i can’t always get a ride to come in.”

We are now able to send video classes to your phone if needed. You still earn items.

“i don’t know if i can visit every week”

Some are nervous about making a new weekly time commitment. If it doesn’t work out every week, just come when you can. You can often call in and get same-day appointments. If there’s just a few subjects you want to learn about, let us know.