I Had a Miscarriage. Is that considered an abortion?

Miscarriages happen in around 20% of all pregnancies. Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of the unborn before 20 weeks. The medical term for miscarriage is “Spontaneous Abortion.” This wording can confuse many. A miscarriage is not an induced abortion. Induced abortion is the ending of the life of the unborn by artificial means.

Many women who miscarry their child require surgery (D&C) to remove tissue. Please note that this procedure after a miscarriage is not considered an abortion either. Don’t panic, no matter what your medical paperwork says. Your miscarriage was not an abortion. We too wish the 2 terms were different.

miscarriage symptoms

You may experience heavy vaginal bleeding, cramping in the lower abdomen, lower back, or pelvis; a gush of discharge, or loss of pregnancy symptoms. 

Sometimes no symptoms are present, and a healthcare provider discovers the miscarriage on an ultrasound. If you feel you are experiencing a miscarriage, call your OB doctor or visit the closest ER for confirmation and further instructions.

“I’m struggling.”

Many women who experience a miscarriage deal with varying degrees of physical and emotional pain. Follow your doctor’s guidance and tell someone if you’re struggling. We’ll listen. Below are some additional online resources for those who have miscarried. For those who are struggling after an abortion, please see our page: After Abortion.

Your child mattered, and your grief is natural. Hang on and don’t give up hope!