The Miracle Within

From conception, each life goes through many miracles each day. On the day of conception, all the genetic information for your child is contained in the newly created life.

About 5 weeks after your last period, the heart begins to beat. Some researchers believe that baby’s heart may start beating even before this!

At 8 weeks, the embryo can respond to touch by reflex. We have seen this movement in 8 week old babies!

At 10 weeks, external ears are fully developed and your baby boy will start producing testosterone.

At 11 weeks, this life is now considered a fetus, which is the Latin word for “young one”.

14 week-old babies can start sucking on their thumbs! This is fun to watch on ultrasound.

Around week 20, babies are about 10 inches long from head to heel. He or she has their own unique sleeping cycles and positions.

At 24 weeks, the baby’s ear is developed enough to recognize Mom’s voice, heartbeat, and breathing.

At 34 weeks, baby’s head is covered with hair.

Around 40 weeks, baby’s life will change drastically. He or she will be introduced to a new home. Welcome, little one. We can’t wait to finally meet you!